EPIII Realistic Clone Trooper FULL KIT

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Item Details:

Join the republic clone army with this 1:1 scale rendition of the Phase 2 clone trooper as seen in EPIII.  Kit contains all parts needed to assemble the costume minus undersuit, neckseal and gloves. Due to the many different sizes of customers we cannot keep a wide array of soft parts in stock, we can however point you in the right direction to obtain them.

Kits include:

- Helmet kit with greeblies

- 2x knee strap

- 2x shoulder straps

- 2x elbow straps

- 4x knee details

- Back plate details

- Compad

- Vacuum formed armour parts

- Polyurethane belt kit

- PVC and HIPS for detenator and shims


This Kit requires assembly by the customer. We reccomend researching how to build vac formed kits before comiting to a large scale kit. Not reccomended for persons under the age of 18.


Material: Polyurethane, HIPS, ABS
Height Fit: 1.65-1.85m
Size: 330mm H, 270mm W, 300mm L
Head Opening Size: ~18cm wide approx. (If a larger size is needed PM us)
Visor Material: Smoked Acrylic
Weight: 8kg Aprox


This is not suitable for motorcycling, paintball, or airsoft, although the helmet can withstand small to moderate impacts, it will break under the large strain their activities can produce. As each helmet is hand-made and painted, the final product may vary slightly from the products shown on the website.

Production and delivery time:

We do our best to keep on top of production times, however, these items are made to order unless a run is specified. Production time takes roughly 3 weeks, if there are any delays or extensions we will contact you. We send our parcels via AusPost, These parcels come with a small amount of insurance as default but if you would like us to add insurance please send us a message. We take the utmost care to package our parcels in a way that minimizes damage during transit however we cannot take responsibility for damage in transit. 

Before you enter....

I am not currently taking orders on helmets and armour. You can freely purchase spare parts/accessories and 3D files. I will be doing limited runs on select products however item pages are just for display only for the moment. We plan to be fully opperational with new products in the near future. Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support!