Star Wars A New Hope Rebel Fleet Trooepr and Gunner Helmet 3D Files

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I've decided to post up my RFT and Gunner helmet for sale so people who aren't interested in a vac formed kit can have access to high quality files to print. With the ever growing popularity of 3d printing I've decided to adapt some things to make obtaining an accurate set of armour more accessible.

These files differ to others as it follows the same build techniques used for the originals, all parts mimic the vac formed parts where possible and also follow the same assembly as the originals.The files include most of the main asymmetries of the original armour to maintain accuracy. You will not find a more accurate set of files.

This has been made to follow RL and 501st spec, HOWEVER, it it up to you to scale and finish it to your size while giving it a proper finish if you wish to atain RL approval. Any questions please ask.

Unfortunately the files are far too big to post on Shopify, once purchased however you will be given a link to a google drive and access.
These parts may undergo revision in the future however all customers will have access to new file.

Before you enter....

I am not currently taking orders on helmets and armour. You can freely purchase spare parts/accessories and 3D files. I will be doing limited runs on select products however item pages are just for display only for the moment. We plan to be fully opperational with new products in the near future. Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support!