Star Wars TCW Phase 2 Clone Trooper 3D Files (Download)

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Item Details:

Join the armour squad and produce your favourite characters armour with these 3D Files!

All Files have been made with accuracy in mind as well as ease of assembly. All files comply with current CRL requirements so can be used for 501st approved costumes.

We recommend minimum 20% infill with 3 walls for all files unless specified otherwise in the file folders. Slicing will be left up to customers. If you are unsure how to fit files to printers watch this informational video:

If you have any issues with files or there are CRL updates we we’re not aware of please send us a message. We have lots of files and it can be difficult to keep on top of CRL updates across various detachments.

Any questions feel free to send us a PM.


Please read our terms and conditions regarding 3D files

Before you enter....

I am not currently taking orders on helmets and armour. You can freely purchase spare parts/accessories and 3D files. I will be doing limited runs on select products however item pages are just for display only for the moment. We plan to be fully opperational with new products in the near future. Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support!